HALAL 100%

Ottoman Enterprise’s products are Halal certified. Not only that, Ottoman Enterprise is the first manufacturer of frozen processed meat patty in Thailand which emphasizes on the importance of holistic Halal system.


So Satisfying! Ottoman Enterprise’s products have a distinctive texture and taste. With the combination of Thai unique spices and our own secret recipe, our products offer a satisfying experience for consumers of all ages.


With guarantee from Thai FDA, Halal and GMP, Ottoman Enterprise offers better and stable quality. The excellence of products comes from excellence knowledge and commitment from Ottoman’s team to give the best products to everyone.


Not every great products need to be expensive. With the method of lean manufacturing, Ottoman Enterprise can maximize production line to give customers the accessible price for great quality and quantity.

   The company’s symbol resemble the letter “O” which stands for “Ottoman”, a historic Turk empire that was once prospered in the last until the 13th - 20th century.

   The crescent moon dovetail into each other resemble the Islamic value that emphasize business ethic and that the company aim at distributing income to every level of people in the society.

   The colors used resemble the heat of commitment that the company are striving towards being a global brand.

Management Team

Tirmizi Yama

CEO & President

Faisal Jeh-Umar

Chief Operating Officer

Hakim Mudor

Manufacturing Manager

Aman Saleah

Chief Financial Officer

Hamsu Jehloh

Franchise Manager

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