Company Overview

   Ottoman Enterprise Co., ltd. was founded in 2016 with a manufacture in Hatyai, Songkhla. Mr. Tirmizi Yama, the CEO, found the vast market opportunity in Thailand. With a market research, the burger industry grows at 17-18% annually. While, it is still a very new frontier where there are not many competitors, especially one that specialize in Halal Business.

   Ottoman Enterprise saw this opportunity and started the business with passion and goal to build a strong and sustainable business in mind. We developed 2 flavors; Beef and Chicken as our flagship products and started tackling the market in Thailand.

   In 2018, as the new opportunities presented us, Ottoman Enterprise receives a lot of trust from customers and gains many partnerships in Thailand and nearby countries. While growing constantly, we continue to develop new ideas and invent methods to maximize our capacity to produce the best products at reasonable price.

   We are not just a manufacturer. We are a company with commitment, passion and energy to drive the business towards the promising future.

Our Core Value

Our corporate philosophy :

Ethical Balance:
Focus on achieving the ultimate goals with business ethic.

Comprehensive Excellence:
Enthusiastic, Passionate, Creative and Professional. We are aiming for creating the best team that wish to grow together.

Our vision :

To empower entrepreneurs with our innovation while cherish ecosystem for future generation

Our mission :

To list our company in Thai Stock Exchange in 5 Years while building a strong and sustainable company that could last for 105 years